This site was named after my late beloved dog Kuma who died of lymphoma in 2004. It is appropriate that this site has her name because it was in my desperate attempt to help her that I came across an antioxidant that would later become the basis for this site. 

After Kuma died, I came to have first-hand experiences with this antioxidant that I was left with. Curious about the mechanisms behind its medicinal activities that were seemingly unrelated to each other, I was drawn into a research on proanthocyanidins, a compound this antioxidant is made of. Eventually I formulated a proanthocyanidins supplement of my own, with an intention to have it used in clinical studies.

Interest in phytochemicals as food is on the rise in recent years and scientific researches are producing increasingly more informations on this subject. Although the health benefits of red wine are well known and chocolate is receiving some attentions for its health promoting effects lately, proanthocyanidins in general have been somewhat overlooked among the researchers on phytochemicals. The informations on this compound found in this site are culled from multiple sources. Because of the lack of multifaceted systematic researches dedicated to this compound, the informations obtained are necessarily patchy. Besides, while anecdotal evidences of health benefits abound in the literature, there is a conspicuous lack of clinical studies with this compound. Hopefully the health promoting activities of this compound might become better defined through clinical studies. Chemical property- or structure- based explanations for the physiological activities described for this compound may also become available in the future.

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